Sunday, July 5, 2020

Joe Lengyel

Joe Lengyel

Joe Lengyel passed away in early July at his home in Arizona. The cause is unknown at the time of this note (July 5, 2020).
Joe Lengyel
Joe was a sweet, dear, fun man who has been a friend seemingly forever.
We met Joe through dancing. He has been a mainstay at polka dances in California and Arizona for decades. Joe harkens from Minnesota.

2009 Sons of Italy

Arizona celebrating Gene's birthday
Joe loved to dance.
BFF Marla & Joe
Joe & Barbara
Gail & Joe 
We socialized outside of the dancehall.
Joe & Marla at our home
We dined, laughed, and the girls went shopping.
Gail & Joe with manspreading manequin
Joe with cousin Kim & brother Jim at Pebble Beach
Joe visited us in our desert home on our way to Arizona for a polka dance.
Don & Joe Rumba
Joe & Mary relaxing
Dining with friends
Joe was a pal.
Joe & Don
The ladies loved Joe.
Joe & the Ladies
We miss him dearly. Here's to Joe.
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